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Note: To access your videos, use the sdp.io links in your video book. No need to wait!

If you bought your book directly from this site, make sure you're logged in and then use the Download link from the SDP, Buying Guide, or Lightroom menus above. If you get an access denied error, make sure you're logged into this site with the account you used to purchase.

To get into the Facebook group, or if you bought your book on Amazon or elsewhere, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on this site. If it shows your name in the upper-right corner, you already have an account and can skip this step.
  2. Request to join the private Facebook group (optional): Stunning Digital Photography (includes DVD/Blu-ray purchases), Photography Buying Guide, or Lightroom. You can only join groups for products you've purchased.
  3. Send us an email to [email protected]. Include three items:

We have to check each email manually, so it might take a few days. Once we read your email, we'll add you to the Facebook group and grant you access to this site (if you bought your video book from a different site).