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Tony Northrup's Photography videos are designed to get teach visual learns the fundamentals of photography. In these videos, Tony and Chelsea teach you composition, lighting, camera settings, and problem solving with 7+ hours of face-paced, hands-on video.

If you haven't yet, buy the DVDs (which include instant access to the streaming videos), or buy the streaming videos alone and watch them online. If you bought videos from this site, use the links below to watch the individual videos. If you bought the DVDs from another site, open a new support request to get access on this site.

  • Lesson 1: Quick Tips (33 minutes)
  • Lesson 2: How to Master Composition (65 minutes)
  • Lesson 3: How to Master Lighting & Flash (92 minutes)
  • Lesson 4: How to Master Camera Settings (155 minutes)
  • Lesson 5: How to Fix Camera & Picture Problems (85 minutes)

  • If you have any questions or problems, please open a support request from the Help menu. Thanks!!